Department of Controlling

The department conducts teaching and research work in the fields of controlling. The three departments in the institute, the Department of Accounting, the Department of Finance and the Department of Controlling, work closely together, both in research and education, at all levels and in the Faculty of Gödöllő in both Hungarian and foreign language courses (FOSZ, BA, MSc , MBA and PhD).

The main goal of the Department of Controlling is to provide our students with appropriate, usable knowledge, both theoretical and practical, within the framework of the subjects we teach, which will enable them to become key players in their field in the future. In addition to our educational activities, we place great emphasis on research activities, and a significant proportion of the institute's staff have an academic degree. A research group is also involved in the work of the Department and a number of domestic and international publications have been produced by our colleagues in recent years. In addition to education, we pay a lot of attention to talent development, our students have achieved success at the institutional level in the national financial case study competitions, TDK competitions in recent years. We attach great importance to practical corporate relationships.

Our Mission

To provide our students with theoretical and practical knowledge that can be used at any time, in order to be able to solve the tasks and challenges they face as economists in a professionally sound, scientifically demanding manner and in the best quality.

Our most important subjects are:

Controlling, Controlling techniques, Human controlling, Financial controlling, Financial controlling and business game, Control

Full-time senior lecturers of the Department: Dr. habil Zoltán Zéman

Head of the Department: Dr. habil Zoltán Zéman, professor

Research groups:

  • Controlling Research Group

Brief description of the main research area:

The research activities of the Department are very diverse. Controlling methodological, tax issues and the management of local governments are at the center of the investigations.

Areas of corporate governance issues:

  • Development possibilities of management organizational processes and financial controlling methodology,
  • Analysis of the tendencies of the changes in the capital position and capital structure of domestic enterprises, financial controlling methodology
  • Research on the utilization of methodological procedures and analyzes in company evaluation

Colleagues participating in the teaching work of the department:

  • Dr. habil Zoltán Zéman is a university professor PhD
  • Brigitta Szőke is  teaching assistant
  • Roland Gácsi is a teaching assistant
  • Dr. Lajos Sóvágó c. associate professor (external)
  • Dr. Szilárd Hegedűs Assistant Professor (external)
  • Dr. István Hágen associate professor (external)

Yours faithfully,

Dr. habil. Zoltán Zéman, PhD
head of department, university professor

Address: Szent István University, Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences,  Institute of Finance, Accounting and Controlling, Department of Controlling
2100 Gödöllő, Páter K. u. 1
Phone: +36; 28 / 522-000 / 2006