Department of Accounting

The Department of Accounting is one of the tree departments of the Institute of Finance, Accounting and Controlling at the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences of Szent István University. The department main activity is teaching and doing research work in the fields of accounting and finance. The three departments in the Institute, Department of Accounting, Department of Finance and Department of Controlling work closely together, both in research and education at all levels of higher education in both Hungarian and English language courses (FOSZK, BA, MSc, MBA and PhD).

The main goal of the Department of Accounting is to transfer current accounting knowledge to students and to acquire the acquisition of accounting skills. The acquisition of knowledge is facilitated by the practical experience and research activities of our colleagues. Some of the subjects are taught in English as well.

Our students successfully participate in accounting case study competitions. We support the students in their scientific research work.

Some of our lecturers are supervisors and lecturers at the Doctoral School of Management and Business Administration Sciences. This fact ensures the scientific and theoretical foundation of practical knowledge.

Our Mission To transfer the theoretical knowledge and practical experience to students, who will be able to work in any field and sector of the profession and to develop his/her own knowledge.

Our most important subjects are Basics of Accounting, Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Basics of Consolidated Financial Statements, Accounting Case Studies, Basics of Auditing, Accounting and Bookkeeping Specialties of Other Organizations, Public Finance, Management and Accounting of Budgetary Bodies, Accounting, Auditing, Accounting of Financial Institution, Advanced Management Accounting, Basics of International Accounting, International Accounting, Accounting for International Financial Reporting Standards and Instruments,

Full-time associate professors: Dr. Márk Tóth, Anita Vajna Istvánné Dr. Tangl, Dr. Gyula Vörös

Head of the Department: Anita Vajna Istvánné Dr. Tangl, PhD

Research Group:

  • Accounting Research Group

Brief description of the research area

The research activity of the Department examines the practical possibilities and legal framework of the operation of accounting systems. We study the information of the corporate governance related to the development of accounting systems.
The research activity also covers the accounting of the corporate and public sector and the international financial and accounting expectations.

Current research areas

  • Financial and control accounting
  • International accounting systems
  • Accounting of governmental institutions
  • The usage of accounting data
  • Planning and operation of accounting systems

Colleagues at Department of Accounting

  • Anita Vajna Istvánné Dr. Tangl, associate professor, PhD
  • Dr. Márk Tóth, associate professor, PhD
  • Dr. Gyula Vörös, associate professor, PhD
  • Dr. Mária Belovecz, assistant professor, PhD
  • Györgyi Takácsné dr. Váradi , teacher
  • Bernadett Almádi, assistant lecturer, predoctor

Yours faithfully,
Anita Vajna Istvánné Dr. Tangl, PhD

Head of Department of Accounting, associate professor
Address: Szent István University, Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences,  Institute of Finance, Accounting and Controlling,  Department of Accounting
2100 Gödöllő, Páter K. u. 1.
Phone: +36 28 / 522-000